Hipstamatic Combo

  • Lens kaimal
    Kaimal Mark II

    Take a stroll through Bollywood with this lens, named after a famous Indian prince. Even Amitabh will let you take his photo when you're sporting this.

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  • Aged
    Ina's 1969

    Ina has a bakery today but 40 years ago she was rocking some pretty serious instant film. Peel away the boring with this fine film.

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  • Flash shine
    Cherry Shine

    Add some heat to the scene with a solar flare of light with this warm flash.

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  • Photo by Job Fisser

  • Photo by Djeek

  • Photo by Fabiola

  • Photo by s

  • Photo by Patrick Maness

  • Photo by Jack Bland

  • Photo by Mercer Malakoff

  • Photo by Kelsey

  • Photo by Michael D. Manning

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