Hipstamatic Combo

  • Lens lucifer
    Lucifer VI

    Burn baby burn. The Lucifer VI is smokin' hot and creates a flamin' look that even the prince of darkness would envy.

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  • Aged
    Ina's 1969

    Ina has a bakery today but 40 years ago she was rocking some pretty serious instant film. Peel away the boring with this fine film.

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  • Flash yellow
    Laser Lemon Gel

    Bathe your prints in a splash of color by using a gel covered flash to paint the town your own shade of amazing.

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  • Photo by Stephanie Bell

  • Photo by Milton Rodas

  • Photo by Laurene Barlet

  • Photo by Matt Moynihan

  • Photo by Sam

  • Photo by Moo Keith

  • Photo by Chelsea Marti

  • Photo by Lauren Pyskoty Like Biscotti

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