Hipstamatic Combo

  • Lens lucifer
    Lucifer VI

    Burn baby burn. The Lucifer VI is smokin' hot and creates a flamin' look that even the prince of darkness would envy.

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  • Infra
    Alfred Infrared

    Popular with art school kids in the 90's, Infrared film by Alfred picks up the light that other films can only dream about.

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  • Flash berry
    Berry Pop

    A spectacular multi-colored wonder, the Berry Pop adds some serious fruity flavor to your prints. Imported from Japan.

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  • Photo by Andrew Knight

  • Photo by Amanda

  • Photo by Renee Reed Prosser

  • Photo by Someone

  • Photo by Andrew Tipton

  • Photo by Someone

  • Photo by Samantha O'Brien

  • Photo by Ruben Escobedo III

  • Photo by Felipe

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