Hipstamatic Combo

  • Lens helga
    Helga Viking

    Helga was a big woman, but the fat lady won't sing until she gets her picture taken with this mammoth lens.

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  • Float

    Add a pleasant warm tone to your prints with the Float film. Imported from Japan.

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  • Flash red
    RedEye Gel

    Bathe your prints in a splash of color by using a gel covered flash to paint the town your own shade of amazing.

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  • Photo by Kyley Trausch

  • Photo by Fandhy Eka Wahyono

  • Photo by Dezadie

  • Photo by Leelou Dallas Multipass

  • Photo by Nathan Shenton

  • Photo by Tom Kashickey

  • Photo by Kymber Joy Ensele

  • Photo by Drew Smith

  • Photo by Dean Q.

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