Hipstamatic Combo

  • Lens kaimal
    Kaimal Mark II

    Take a stroll through Bollywood with this lens, named after a famous Indian prince. Even Amitabh will let you take his photo when you're sporting this.

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  • Bw
    BlacKeys B+W

    Straight from grandma's attic, this film gives your prints a superior monotone look and stamps the month and year directly on it.

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  • Flash blue
    Cadet Blue Gel

    Bathe your prints in a splash of color by using a gel covered flash to paint the town your own shade of amazing.

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  • Photo by Liam Greene

  • Photo by Ann Cornelia Pelton

  • Photo by Joel Small

  • Photo by Janelle Andres

  • Photo by Jacob Rightman

  • Photo by Someone

  • Photo by Janelle Andres

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