Hipstamatic Combo

  • Lens lucifer
    Lucifer VI

    Burn baby burn. The Lucifer VI is smokin' hot and creates a flamin' look that even the prince of darkness would envy.

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  • Gran
    Ina's 1935

    Dressed all in white, this line of Ina's film is clean, beautiful, and lets the photograph speak for itself.

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  • Flash dream

    This is stuff that dreams are made of. This flash pops a random assortment of subconscious light for that 'just woken up' look.

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  • Photo by Jennifer McDougall

  • Photo by Erindanger

  • Photo by Janelle Titmarsh

  • Photo by Taylor McGlone

  • Photo by MonkeyStrawHat

  • Photo by Erindanger

  • Photo by Jen Noble

  • Photo by Tianna

  • Photo by Zaky

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